• Two Room Lake Front Suite
    Daily Rate $150.00
  • Two Room Lake Front Suite
    Check in: Sunday
    Check out: Friday
    $ 600.00

Lodge Address:

1619 Lakeshore Drive
Wahpeton, Iowa 51351











Crescent Beach is located on Emerson Bay, West Lake Okoboji, and the most famous blue water lake in the Iowa Great Lakes group. A resort both modern and picturesque, with an atmosphere of quiet and peacefulness, that strikes you at once. Enjoy the cool summer breezes which sweep across the bay from the south.

Experience a delightful sandy bathing beach with a gradual slope to deeper waters, allowing both beginners and children to safely enjoy a swim. Boating, water wheels, slides and games await children of all ages. Fishing in Emerson Bay and the canals has been noted as one of the best locations on the lake.

As the legend goes, JA Beck and HE Mills developed the canals around Crescent Beach Lodge in the early 1900's. The dredging of the canals was started by the desire to please the summer guests who frequented the Iowa Great Lakes area. A vision of an "American Venice" consisted of 5 openings, one of which is crescent Beach Lodge. The canals were not only created for pleasure but also for drainange, lakefront lots and a safe harbor in stormy weather. In 1914 Crescent Beach Lodge was built on 1000 feet of sandy beach with the canal behind it and began as a hunting lodge. The resorts name came from its naturally crescent shaped beach stretching from Breezy and Eagle Point.

Sold to WA White in 1916, White built Crescent Beach into a popular family resort and restaurant. The resort temporarily closed at the beginning of WWII. Purchased in 1945 by Mr. & Mrs. Carroll Lane. They made many changes with a building-remoldeling project which lasted until 1962. In 1975 the property was sold and operated by Bill and Laurie Shafer. The resort is now owned by private investors and is still regarded as a family favorite vacation destination. Continuing the strong tradition, Crescent Beach began as and continues to be one of the most famous and beloved resorts in the beautiful Iowa Great Lakes region.

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